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Well my last post was a bit of a lame effort! Mind you, not saying this one is going to be any different!!!
this Easter has been a chilled out affair, that includes the weather. That pesky east wind is still blowing on the new Baltic state of Northumbria…
The sun did make an appearance, once the wind dropped, or you had a bit of shelter, there was a little bit of heat in its ray’s.
Never mind, the month of May is predicted to be a heat wave, yeh, right, believe that when i see it…
Anyway,Β  my Easter Monday is a night shift, so me thinks, quickly pen some blurb in a draft post before the cloud factory has my head done in.
Truth be known, I was dreading this night, knowing we would have no space left to work with.

So here’s some photos from the weekend…


This is Mr farmer attending to a ewe as she was lambing, I shouted over to him and asked if all was ok, sadly not, the lamb was dead, still-born. Such a shame but happens all to often, this cold snap doesn’t help.
Saturday night was also a chill out night.. The lazy meal option was applied, that involves a thirty-five mile round trip to collect a takeaway. When we do this it usually involves neighbours and a large order, so no surprise that we ended up enjoying some good company several bottles of red and white wine along with a friendly owl!!




The poor thing had suffered a touch of frostbite in it’s wings so it spends the nights in the house…
He’s called Charlie… I say he, it could be a she…

Sunday turned out to be a recovery day… To much red for me! Though we did go for a good hike and drive in the woods, where the gruffalo lives. We think this is his house, I’m going to take advice from my five year old nephew on that, but he
needs to see this photo..


Well that’s enough for tonight..
Going to post this now… Hang the typo’s if there is any.. I will check and correct any later…

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian
more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android

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  1. Great Blog! that owl is absolutely beautiful – miss them hooting at nights – only the yowling of the coyotes and the fighting among the racoons to bother me here.