Here we go, today has got a bit of a hint of trepidation… I’m not normally feared of much but today my butterflies are starting to build… what the hell are you on about , I hear you ask? well, today is the day that yours truly is taking the plunge and going on a helicopter flight out of Newcastle international airport. Don’t get me wrong, i have been in a helicopter before and bar the experience of flying over a cliff edge (level) and watching the ground disappear beneath me, where my stomach ended up in my mouth, the flight was fine. Mind you it was years ago in the Army onboard an RAF puma and i was on exercise with the 6RRF that’s the royal regiment of fusiliers (6RRF has been disbanded)

RAF Puma Helicopter

slightly bigger than my steed today!!!

going to leave it there for the moment, more photos and scribbles will be forthcoming later..

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android