Birthday boy…

Weee heeee… It was my birthday on Monday just gone… Of course, i never mentioned that at all did i..

Anyway,  because the Sunday was a nightshift i was’nt home untill gone 7:30am. I had a crazy notion to
stop up and enjoy what has become a bit of a tradition for me.
The fact that some years ago,  the shift pattern I worked meant that on March the 25th nearly always hit on a day off. Every four years would go by with only 1 day to work. As time progressed I found that a days holiday would be sort for that single day.
Now here we are nearly 30 years later and, I have never worked on my birthday, this is now a tradition that will be upheld untill my retirement. It’s my day and that’s that….

After my catch up sleep, a light knap that lasted untill 11:00. Paige bundled herself upstairs with a mouth full of soft toy and woke me…. No doubt egged on by Mrs R who’d  been baking a cake with lashings of chocalate. Mind you knowing the dog, paige would be thinking, “get dad up, then i get cake” wag, wag,
Here’s what greeted me from my slumber…


We have a delightfull galaxy chocolate cake, a Skyfall dvd, a mumford and son’s cd, a neck tube with skull and cross bones on it for the bike, and a pot of my fave coffee… What a start to “my day”

Nan had come into the house and proceeded to make herself right at home… The daft thing fell asleep like this


I wonder if she sleeps like that in her kennel,


The rest of the afternoon was taken up with a cinema trip to see Hansel and gretle witch hunters.. a rare 18 certificate film, you hardly see a film classified as 18 these days. None the less , great film.
So now you find me a little deflated after having such a good day (with a touch of shopping thrown in the mix aswell) Mrs R got a new coat…
Two dayshifts down the line and heading for easter weekend with no space left in my proverbial half pint pot and no means of gaining space.

But hey ho… That’s my Monday night problem.. This easter weekend is going to be filled with things to blog about….

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. Great blob birthday boy! and glad you had a good day and the cake looks absolutely yummy – will email Christine for the recipe but unfortunately might not turn out a good as yours! Enjoying Easter weekend and all next week off and weather is gorgeous 10 degrees today – whoop whoop!