Well…, start where i left off last week.. I was just saying about the new numberplate/car badge to rival the tourist boards offering..
Here they are in all their glory..


Much neater than this… Every tom dick and harry can get
one of those.. I’m ashamed to say, gave two of them to Paul this will have to be rectified in May… He deserves better, being as he’s been to the republic.

In other news, looks like we missed the Cr4P weather by the skin of our teeth, although the doom and gloom merchants are spouting the bad weather mantra yet again. This icy blast from the Baltic states is set to continue for another week. Then a low pressure is coming down from the north to bump into the cold air. This means …MORE SNOW… Yet again..Β 

the journey from work on Saturday morning was rather dodgy, as was the journey in to work last Tuesday


And again on Saturday night…

The only plus is that the wind has freeze dried most things, but on the dowside a couple of our sheep have been freeze dried aswell:-(
Theres just no escape up here, we have one of the hardiest breeds for such conditions, even so, they can like all sheep; just give up the ghost. The soay sheep is one if not the oldest breed known to man


The island of soay derived from the old norse meaning “sheep island”

We have a lack of suitable buildings to bring them in, so they rely on the trees for a wind break.

This is something we hope to rectify soon with plans afoot to replace the aged wooden sheds with a purpose built one.

So here i am, Sunday night shift, sitting infront of my computer screen at the cloud factory. All works completed last night to get myself and my oppo ahead of the production lines.


Luckilly, the pint has actually fitted into the half pint pot this weekend… Here’s my pat on the back, big up to the warehouse programmer this weekend…yeahh.

Trouble is, I’m bored, everything is in hand, all cleaning is up to date, all product is tidy and neatly stacked, all loads have been prepared.
It’s just a case of wait for the clock to slowly wind it’s way around to 7am while keeping watch on who puts what where..

In fact, don’t really need to do that… I could go home, after all, it’s my birthday tommorow and i never work my birthday… I feel a trip to the cinema coming on…

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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    • Thankyou Carrie, I’m up and about….on may way to the cinema to watch hansel and grettle