Residents festival

Well that’s a blinding start to the weekend. I was going to kick off with the residents festival but just heard about this.
Right in Grace Darlings back yard!the-grace-darling-legacy/c2q4

Well on to last weekends shenanigans… The residents festival is held at the start of the tourist season, normally prior to the official start. It’s where the good folk of the fair county are allowed access to many and varied places of interest for either nowt or half price or as the locals say “half bat”.
Our first port of call on this rather dank and dismal weekend was Cragside house and estate owned and run by the national trust.
This place is a must see for any visitor to these parts.

this chap was in the formal garden, about the only thing to see, as nothing was growing or set,being to early for bedding plants.


just outside the formal garden is the clock tower


here’s a couple of views of the house, the haze spoiling the distant view.


and not much better closeup


the same waterway further down stream, just beyond that, the national trust with the help of volunteers are reinstating the old path down the gorge to the power house.

IMG_6069 (640x427)


decided to head out around the grounds, here’s some images from our wanderings


IMG_6076 IMG_6081 (640x427) IMG_6083 IMG_6105


decided to stay a little more local today, the weather was shall we say Cr4P… an overnight snowstorm making our decision to go to leaplish an easy one. the reason being Mrs R wanted to go to the wildlife hide to spot some red squirrels in the snow…. I know….I know, bit of a busmans holiday but, it is nice to get out and about,,,


so here’s one taken with the good camera, he has tree sap on his nose and wet ear tufts, makes him look rather devilish don’t you think?

(more photo’s on the other blog..)

Red squirrel conservation

so after sitting a while, we decided to go where not many vehicles go,,, the north side of Kielder water. lucky me, i have keys to the deep dark woods, apparently, according to my 5-year-old nephew, that’s where the Gruffalo lives. So does that mean I have keys to his house?

here’s a view from the north side looking over to leaplish visitor centre


and this one further on is Bakethin weir.


looking east down Kielder to the dam.

the past two days have been spent doing my usual fitting a pint into a half pint pot down at the cloud factory, so only this evening Iv’e had the time to finish this post.

It was started on Friday last!!!

Today has seen me, look into a fault with the fuel solenoid on the generator, the Lister st2 was converted by me so that it would start on the Trace 4548  inverters demand. it started blowing fuses and for the life of me i couldn’t find the problem. after reconfiguring the wiring and moving the in line fuse, the thing has run all day without a hiccup.


that’s the offending item on the very left of the picture,

other jobs today included the obligatory checking of the mole traps and,,,,, wait for it….

more logs….. This time,  managed to fill the back of the shed and a third of another row…wooo hoooo,,,

well that’ll do for tonight, the hens need shutting in and i hear a hot bath calling my name…

ooh,,, one last thing, the republic car stickers have arrived, I only have ten for the moment, they cost me Three quid each to get made, if any one wants one it will have to be Three quid plus postage I’m afraid…

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android