Good intention…

Well, over the past few days i have intended to scribble some lines on here about this and that, the trouble is, nowt’s really been happening. My last post about the Baltic blast was the sum total of events all week.
Wednesday and Thursday, the cloud factory beckoned me onto nightshift. My time there was fully taken up with trying to squeeze a pint into a half pint pot, no time to scribe a few words on this whizzy phone.
Ah but, today (friday) i decided to stop up from my nightshift and get some outstanding jobs done. Prompted by the landrover, not Mrs R, yes the bus let me down again. Came out of the house last night to a dead engine, you would have thought the battery was flat, the engine just turned with a wuhh….wuhhh……wuhhh . ..then died.
I know the battery’s good, my tests from the last time it let me down proved it to be 100%
No, this time I’ve traced the fault. After much scratching of heads and muttering words like, big scrap heap in the sky,Β  its last little tantrum seemed to correct itself, the one thing I didn’t get to check was the earth strap.
So after putting the jump leads onto my spare battery with no success,Β  I redirected the earth lead from the negative pole and clamped it onto the engine block…. Booosh started…

Number one job….tick… earth strap fitted, the original one will be repaired once it goes on a hoist..

Number two job…replace the hand brake cable, been running it for the past year without a hand brake. Never been a problem, all the same, it needed doing. The fact that the interior centre console needs removing along with the propshaft and brake drum had me busy for hours.

Number three job….fit my cd/mp3 radio. The bus is a 2005 model but would you believe they fitted cassette players as standard!!
Of course, the wiring all had to be altered..


This standard plug not the same as the more standard radio sockets. Never mind, the thing’s in and works, that’s what matters. So an early night for me… And I will return with what should be good blogs this weekend about the residents festival..

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