bbb…bloody chilly!..

well today has been a bit of a grey cold affair, wished i had taken to my pit after my 12 hour shift last night instead of stopping up to get on with stuff.

the cloud factory is rather busy at the moment, i put that down to our customers having used up all of their Christmas stock build and now need a replenishment. we have an extra production line fired up to cope with demand,  it’s a flaming nightmare for me, it’s my job to make space for the new production and when space is finite then i have a headache….

anyway, decided to stop up and sort out the hand brake cable on the landrover, trouble is, it didn’t turn up. so instead, the usual round of trap checking, followed by a catch up with lewis regarding his wind turbine predicament,

Wind turbine maker Evoco has today issued an alert to shut down all of its wind turbines after a series of spectacular failures.

The manufacturer said it had identified a fault with the turbines, which despite an order to be braked, had still caused three machines to be destroyed in recent high winds.

An urgent investigation has now been launched to discover why some customers’ turbines were still spinning in gales despite the brakes being applied.

And Evoco advises owners to keep their turbines stationary until its team of engineers can perform modifications. The company promises to compensate all of its customers for any loss of income.

The alert was triggered after huge turbine blades flew off three structures including one on the aptly named Windmill Lane in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

Some residents in the Hepworth and Upper Cumberworth areas of the town say they are concerned with the situation, and one warned “someone could have been killed”, after one of the blades was flung across a road.

In a statement, the Brighouse-based company, today said: “Evoco Energy, manufacturers of small scale wind turbines, confirm that we have recently experienced a series of turbine faults in a localised area of rural West Yorkshire area during record-breaking high winds. No one was hurt in the incidents, which are being investigated thoroughly. Health and Safety issues are of primary importance to us, and we work to rigorous standards to maintain our excellent record.

this problem has been found, so all that’s needed is the guys to turn up and re engineer the turbines, he’s still waiting!!!

lunch time saw me heading of to split logs, we seem to get through them far to quickly…


as I was busy, my tunes playing in my earphones, this little madame turned up to see what was going on. as you can see, the cheeky little twonk  sat on the chopping block to stop proceedings. she didn’t move untill she had been made a fuss over..



so once she moved to sit on the quad I was able to bash a good load of logs out


that have been duly stacked into the shed, still more to do at the heap though, which won’t be done tomorrow. more to come on that this weekend…


took these snaps with my phone the other night, the definition isn’t good but by gosh the moon was bright and the sunset, good but not A1.



so here’s a couple more from my night shoot on the roman wall.. and from a walk with the dogs.. taken with the posh camera..


IMG_5884 IMG_5922 IMG_5972


as for tomorrow I’m off doing

Red squirrel conservation

so that will be an interesting post..

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android