And for my next trick….

well the trick is being self sufficient. this weekend has seen more woes with vehicles the landrover starter fault reared it’s  ugly head again Thumbs down.

not before doing some night time photography of the roman wall  on Friday night Thumbs up


these photos are my first attempt at night shoots since the early eighties. this is steel rig looking west you can see half of Orion.


this is sycamore gap with a starry back drop


how about this for seeing the earths movement, the starry streaks shown by the long exposure

first thing to do on Saturday in my self reliant mode  was sweep the chimney


due to the Bosky wood burning range the only way to sweep the chimney is from the top, using a bag taped to the dismantled flue the soot is caught and no mess made.

bit of a tangent here, as i pen this, country file is on the beeb and it’s from the Republic. they have been to Lindisfarne, the holy island. with a potted history. then on into Cragside at Rothbury and up into the Otterburn ranges to find out about local dialect,,,,”cushty bari” i say

back to Saturday, the usual round of trap checking, this time in glorious sun. Mr’s R came with me along with the camera, we came across a casualty


bless it to look at her from a distance we thought she was  dead, luckily, she was just “cast”

even so, she would have probably not survived long without righting her


once on her feet she was away like a shot.Thumbs up


further round the route we come across the old farmstead, long since abandoned.IMG_5991

i know, it looks like an old photo but trust me that was taken on Saturday.

on another note, this photo was taken in Kielder, apparently it’s a western screech owl. don’t know if it was free or captive, but what a cracking photo.Thumbs up

screech owl

Sunday… after a night spent with our neighbours with good food and good craic until 5am this morning, eased along with Guinness, red wine and a very nice single malt shall we say the day started late. first job was put a little bodge job on the Landrover starter motor, in the of chance that the start fault re appears.

to get my head clear the chainsaw was pressed into action and the log pile was reduced a little.

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  1. Hey! The second photo you’ve posted is fantastic, especially the composition! I was just wondering…can you brighten it a little? We sometimes find sheep “down” as we say here and thank god it’s sometimes as easy as just propping them up. I feel awful when they have been down for too long. The area you live in looks fantastic, I love the old stone houses and the photograph of the owl. Great post!


    • thanks for tagging along with me, i tend not to photoshop any images, what you see is what you get. the vast majority of these posts are done on my samsung smart phone that has an 8mp camera. every now and again i add a couple from my dslr, these are my more considered snaps but i do try to compose the phone camera aswell. the only trouble is my upload is governed by the photo size and i’m stuck with 640×480. take a look at the flikr link for some nice shots..
      you have a new word to use down under for a cast ewe, got loads of different sheep terms, keep reading…


      • I am 100% with you on not using photoshop, but you can lighten it if you’ve under exposed the image (as it is a little bit). Ansel Adams, spent a lot of time dodging and burning his landscapes so it would not deter from your skills or image’s integrity in any way.

        I’ll definitely take a look at your flicker site! Of course I’ll be reading more!