Laugh or cry…whats it to be!!!

The end of another nightshift weekend and I’m laughing to myself (internally), thinking yes; two days off what can i do? Ah but, life has a cruel way of slapping you down, no sooner had the clock been punched and the twenty yard walk to the landrover, culminating in the turn of the ignition and “click”….”click”…. “click”…. Sodding starter motor gone!!! Would you bloody believe it.
Luckily, me being me, I always carry a tow strap somewhere abouts my landrovers, a quick shout to one of my workmates to bring a forklift to my aid and hey presto…a towed start, then homeward bound.
Once up and about after a snooze, my task was remove the starter and check the internal contacts.
Easier said than done, there’s one nut (the nut from hell!!) that is var nighe impossible to get at. It sits on top of the motor between the solenoid and the engine block. No matter what combination of socket/ extention, nothing would sit just right. In the end it gave up it’s tension to a well placed short socket, universal joint and a 2” extention. The stud will be minus the nut when it goes back together, after all the two other bolts will hold it in place with the stud left as is.

What an easy job to check the contacts, you can get a kit to overhaul these from ebay. Mine seemed fine and with a bench test prooving the starter worked it was fitted back on …nahh…”click”…”click”… again?!! off it comes. This time, the emery cloth comes out and with cleaned contacts and another bench test, back it goes…”click”…”click”… WTF! Off it comes again, more cleaning and a prolonged bench run followed by an electrical check of the landrover wiring. Back on, another wiring check…”click”…”click”…”click”…”brummm”… Then again.. And again. Thats it, my trust has gone and for Β£59 plus vat, methinks i will replace it…
Well that filled in a Monday afternoon and left no time or vehicle for that matter. Mr Farmer will have to wait for the mole man..

At this point i was going to add some photos of my struggle, but a certian wave of pi55ed off’ness came about my person and I retreated to the comfort of a glass of red and a hot bath…

Tuesday… As the day had been a disaster yesterday, my thoughts turned to spare parts. Luckily I had the forethought to organise a replacement starter motor yesterday afternoon. All I needed to do was collect it, this was rolled into a trip to the bank and a further adventure to the big smoke that is… Newcastle. Mrs R was looking for a walking coat to use on our future highlands trip, this combined with the stocking up of essential things like… “fat balls” (for the dicky birds). Anyway, the car was our only mobile bit of kit and was duly pressed into action. It came very apparrent that a suspension knock was worsening, even resulting in an unsheduled stop on the way home to check the wheel was still tight to the hub!!!

Once back the starter was fitted and tested within ten minutes, that seemed sweet as a nut, time will tell…. before taking a look at the SAAB. The passenger side inner wheel arch was covered in oil, looks very much like the strut has gone. “I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT” as Victor Meldrew would say, my luck seems to be running on empty at the moment.

Nothing I can do today, so went to clear my head and check the traps… Not before organising yet another trip to the garage and another part winging its way to TMS for me to collect.

They say the sun always shines on the righteous, well the sun shone on the republic today… Maybe a ray of hope…


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