On top of the job…


Its four in the morning, the clouds are being churned out by the gallon and I am bored stupid. Between the crew on this logistics shift, the programing is sorted all the way through to Monday night. Well 98% sorted, the last 3% will fall into place once we turn stock. As you can count, we give it 101% even over night. By the direction of that plume.. Looks like we have a north wind, no wonder theres a chill in the air.

This chill weather has got me thinking of the warmer spell to surely head our way, the birds will soon be pairing up and nesting. Just last weekend i heard the first spring sound of the upland birds, a skylark floated upwards chiruping it’s song of love. Tonight on the way in, just outside the house as is put my bag in landrover, a snipe started drumming, sure sign that spring is just around the corner.
Down in the valleys the first spring flowers have popped their heads up.
Us on the hill will have to wait a while longer for those yellow daffodils and white snowdrops. We’re allways two to three week behind the valleys. We’re not that high up in the grand scheme of things but, the time it takes for spring to get itself up to the hilltops is evident. This time of year is also the the time that red squirrels retreat to give birth. Very noticeable as our little resident female is conspicuous by her absence. Hope shes ok and has produced a fine litter of kittens…

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian

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