More car malfunctions…

Well here we are, It’s gone 23:30 on Friday night, what happened to my days off?
Simple, more car trouble that’s what, after doing the front suspension up, more woe’s where spotted. Namely the anti roll bar tie rods.
My first task for Wednesday was the usual checking of traps and walking paige my trusty sidekick. Along with phone calls to check the availability of parts at TMS… as luck would have it, they had them on the shelf. So after lunch a trip to town was on the cards for some grocery shopping and collection of parts. Mind you a casual cup of coffee at
Didn’t go a miss.

The car was started as soon as we got back,

The top nut was easy to remove, it had been of when the strut was repaired.

Even so, he had put the thing back on with in impact wrench.

Spotted this though, he’s missed putting the gator back on correctly… (That’s minus ten points in your exam Chris lad).

The passenger side tie rod was ok, still replaced it.

Good job really, as the bottom bolts on both rods needed cutting of with the grinder.

What a difference, the handling has been transformed but, it still has a knock..

The other wee job was replace the badge, both of them gave up the ghost and lost their colour..

First job.. Traps etc.. This takes up at least two hours by the time we walk around.
Then it was the landrover’s turn to be inspected, it’s got a knock aswell.
After spending hours underneath i still can’t find it. The suspension has had a bar in every joint to find some free play, looks like it’s going to go to my mate Willie…
Friday… And the start of a nightshift weekend, kicked of by the usual checking of traps. The afternoon was filled by a trip to Newcastle to for a lead to fit a cd player into the landrover. after topping the diesel up, we topped ourselves up with fish and chips, yum.

The Northumbrian

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