Wark Area Red Squirrels

As a follow-up to my last blog, which did create a lot of feeling.. and many thanks for all the comments  which are all greatly appreciated guys :-)…I am still left dumbfounded and even more so convinced  in the accuracy of the saying “the Law is an Ass”.

It seems all the legal protection the red squirrel has becomes null and void during forest operations,…even, during breeding times… it is down to the individuals carrying out harvesting to implement voluntary precautions, which they are only “expected” to do, no policing of these precautions   seems to be carried out by any governing body……is this really good enough???

Following discussions yesterday with other volunteer groups, they too have experience of the very same scenario occurring time and time again over the years.

This is an exert is from a document produced by Natural England:


1.1 Legal Protection

The red…

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