Wark Area Red Squirrels

Well, I had a blog drafted ready to post for this month, however, that is now on the back burner due to what I discovered today.

I am lucky enough to have woodland near me that is full of Red Squirrels,….a real “hive of activity”.  I have watched their numbers increase in this wood over the last two and a half years and last year a good number of young were successfully reared in here.  I counted over 28 dreys last year and that is without covering every area of it, obviously a “des- res” of the squirrel world.

Today, I thought I would have a walk into this wood to visit one of a few very specific dreys I have been discreetly monitoring.  These were made up of greenery indicating they were quite likely to be breeding dreys. I have to confess to feeling like the grandparent of the…

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