One year on…

When i first started this daftly named blog, it’s dirction was rather unclear to me. Firstly i thought that, if it caught on, then maybe there would be lots of, “the republic of” where ever, making up a sort of local interest where to go and see away from the tourist trap areas of the uk. A sort of rough guide to…

Turns out, It’s more of a scribbled museings of someone who lives remotely, all be it not that far from civilisation, i mean, the grid is only two mile away for gawd sake.

Oops getting of track… Anyway, what i would like to say in this short pre-amble to todays post is that, in this first year, this humble wee blog has been viewed by more than four and a half thousand people in over forty countries. Now i find that rather amazing…

What else is amazing is, the interest in the flag badge I created. The cost of which would be around Β£3, if there is enough people who want one, then i will get them produced…

So because of the interest, I think I will keep it going for a wee while longer… And I would like to say, thankyou to those who take the time to read this utter nonsence.
I promise to try and add some better content and a few more links…. So….

Happy birthday, thepeoplesrepublic ofnorthumbria….

Back to what is going to be short and sweet.
The weather has bowled us a bit of a googly, several nasty squawls with strong winds from the west blew in when i was on nights.

The cloud factory had nothing much, what did lie melted within hours.
Totally different story at republic hq…

It was a bit of a struggle to get home in the morning, (not me but other vehicles caught out and stuck). A complete traffic jam on our small access road… Two landrovers a mitsubishi pick up, a VW four wheel drive, all stuck behind and infront of a delivery wagon who had ventured to far into the deepest darkest woods..

So there was nothing else to do once the sheep and hens had been fed than to sit down and snack…


Crumpets toasted on an open fire…mmmm lovely..


Nice knob of butter on them, yum.

Only other news, the assessor has been to investigate the turbine damage…

The Northumbrian

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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