A little bit of sunshine, at last…

Tad frosty this morning, just the way i like my winter mornings. The ground hard enough to walk through muddy fields, without getting up to the eyeballs in….. sh one t.
Just the ticket when I needed to go check and lift mole traps, the area is clear(for now), so up come the traps to be re deployed else where.

Missed this, just above the burn is this hole in the cliff, it’s the only way to get down to the burn without a detour.

After lunch we headed of for some exploration and to use the dslr camera with different lenses.

Nothing in any particular order


This is simonside hills from a different perspective. Taken from the north-west..


This is heading out to a monument on what turned out to be a fantastic viewpoint..

Eye eye.. Black face through the gate..


inscription on the monument and yours truly reading… Scratch that… Wondering what it meant..


Copied from the tinternet, don’t know if this is correct.

Padon Hill Monument
A grid line runs through this 4.5m high monument resulting in the unusual case of photos of the cairn being first geograph for the squares either side. Research on the internet has provided conflicting information about this monument and the following may not be totally accurate. Apparently it was constructed in 1913 (or 1903) to commemorate the golden wedding anniversary of Sir Charles and Lady Morrison-Bell of Otterburn Hall. Also known as the “Pepperbox” or “Pepperpot” monument, it is said to have been built using stone from a chapel on the site that was erected by the Scottish Covenanting minister Alexander Peden who gave his name to the hill.

Must ask j morrison-bell how true that is..

The Cheviot with its white cap and me waiting for Mrs R to catch up

Heading back in convoy..

The newly erected turbines near sweethope lough, taken from approximately six-mile away with a 500mm zoom lens.. I have a tele converter that will double the lens to 1000mm zoom, the 500 isn’t bad.



And ending this wee montage with the blackface ewe and a picture postcard of a group..


The Northumbrian

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