Normal service has resumed…

Tuesday.. And most of the white stuff has gone, whats left is the dyke backs and in and around the trees where the sun never reaches.

So today is a bit of a catch up day, first task on the agenda for this morning is to see what state the mole traps are in. Myself and captain molecatcher (paige) set off over to the farm.


Mr farmer has been busy, can’t understand why though, the gate to the field has had the, A typical lock put on it (baler twine!) the stock has gone, moved to the field my traps are in.
You can guess the outcome of that scenario! Markers kicked over, traps trampled. It may be just as well that the tunnels are flooded with melt water…
Still they come, invading the pastures, turning what little grass there is into heaps of brown earth to encourage early weed growth in the spring…

This melt water has rushed of the hills and into the burn raising the level… Luckily the thaw up here has been a little slower than the valleys, even so theres plenty of the wet stuff in the burn.

Next task for the day… A touch of retail therapy and of to the flicks, Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django. on the cards for this afternoon. It was a long film, no good for shuffle buts, but very good.

Arrived back later than planned due to the lengthy film, the place was awash, horizontal rain from the south, bring back the snow i say. Wind driven rain gets into everywhere, even under flashings and into the house …. arghh

The Northumbrian

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