Lock down…

Going to be a cold one tonight, good job the log burning bosky range has been on all day.
Infact today has been an ouside day, Mrs R, myself and paige headed off first thing, mole trap checking in the snow.
Seems a strange thing to do in four inches of snow you say, well yes it is, under normal circumstances i would have lifted the traps before this cold snap took a hold.
Thats the trouble with shift work, you just have to go with what ever the weather throws at you on your days off.

Back home and after coffee it was off to Bellingham to see a friend of mine to collect the startomatic control box for the older st2 lister.
My old one had been converted to start direct from the trace sw4548 inverter/charger. With its impending refurbishment on the cards, the control panel needs to be back with the system.
Here’s the only two photos taken by this wee phone today.
Both are of the journey out in this snowy landscape.
Firstly, in amongst the trees..
And this one of a snow covered Bellingham, taken from Dunterly fell.


Iknow, I know, It’s a bit of a lame effort tonight but, to be truthfull, I don’t fancy losing this phone in the snow, It’s white!!! So it only came out on my landrover trip across the fells.
There are some photos on the good camera, when i get them downsized on the puter then i can upload them to the blog or flikr.
Untill then….. more scribbles later…TTFN…
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