Installation (part 1)…

Well after a wee snooze straight off nightshift; the day has turned out nicely..
The first task for today, check those traps and reposition some to the active runs
The weather was just nice, not cold but pleasent, with the sun eventually getting out at around lunch time. Even so, the shadows are still long..


I could tell the difference in the light this morning. Coming home from a shift is usualy within a minute or so, the same every morning. There was a distinct brightness to the east, something not seen by me for around eight weeks. Correct me if I’m wrong, the days are getting longer by three minutes a day, one and a half at either end… Woo Hoo..
Anyway, the start of the new bank.
First off, I have gone for the same battery’s as the ones to replace. Reasoning behind that is, 1, they will fit without a hitch, no remakeing a frame work, 2, all the links and cables will transfer from old to new, 3, deal direct with the manufacturer, so got a good price. Lastly, after the advice from enersys and there emailed tech sheets, my system …should… Work better.
First thing to do before any get used is make sure the charge is correct, with pairs linked up


My high frequency auto charger checked/charged them to 14.4volts each.


With that, the banks started to take shape. The first set of four in situ, all linked in series to obtain the 48volts required. Well the actual voltage is 56v at 100% charge.


These four are on the base, it was a touch awkward to slide them on account of this


Being on the floor right in the way.
My spare inverter a trace sw3024 is from my good friend an neighbour, whom has had it replaced with a sunny island inverter… Wish I was on a sunny island… The charge side of this has gone wrong, so donated it to me for spares. As my thoughts turned to where to move it to, so as to be out of the way, it dawned on my to put it up on the wall.
The heavy little #&%#&& took some lifting to mount up beside my main unit but there it resides.


There has been a plan hatched(in my head) that will enable me to power this one up using the remainder of the old battery’s and use the high frequency charger to charge the bank using the dumpload from inverter 1. As inverter 2 is 24v I dont see a problem… Happy days…

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  1. > Correct me if I’m wrong, the days are getting longer by three minutes a day, one and a half at either end… Woo Hoo..

    Can’t resist that, your local autistic reader writes :). I knew the shortest day was neither the latest sunrise nor the earliest sunset, so a quick Google brought: (you need enthusiasm to get to the end; I failed) (nice photos)
    and loads more saying days are asymetrical

    Not sure it matters back in the real world πŸ™‚