All Sorted…

Wrapped the last of Mrs R’s presents this morning then took myself off in the pishing rain to split logs. Only to come back in at lunchtime soaked to the skin and feeling like i’d been run over. Things went downhill from there, i was so cold that my bed called me, so this afternoon has passed me by.
Me thinks it’s MAN FLU, I’ve gone from freezing cold to sweating and have aquired a bark that a red deer stag would be proud of.


Just whats needed for this festive season.
I say festive season but, this year the cloud factory is calling, yours truly has got to work, so the big day is postponed for me and Mrs R. Boxing day becomes Christmas day out here in the sticks, with 9 for dinner the last thing Mrs R needs is this blasted flu thing. So would you believe it, Im in quarantine in the spar ooom (nod to the lion the witch and the wardrobe)


Could just do with a magic wardrobe, one with a portal to..


Spent the best holiday of our lives there,Β  one week on the island and one week on a handmade teak junk,


sailing around different islands, from local fishing villages to proper deserted desert islands where we collected and stripped coconunt. Scuba diving old WW2 wrecks and visiting other resort islands.

It was on this trip, we had flying fish,


huge manta ray,

dolphins galore, great white shark, white and black tip reef shark the list goes on.

The food was to die for, all prepared by our onboard cook who encouraged us to fish in the evening. We had all sorts of delights cooked up, truly wonderfull.

Ohh there we go, another bark has just brought me back from the cupboard… Should have had a hot toddy before curling up
Never mind, sure my bark will have deminished by morning time.
Scuse any mistakes in this post, it’s difficult to do this by android phone…
more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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