That’s me stuck then…

Been having problems with the bus, as Tuesday is the day of the MOT i had a notion to sort out the lack of pedal on the clutch. By that i mean loads of travel and little to no clutch action. After having problems with my old 300 series discovery whereby the pivot arm would push through the fulcrum point causing the slave cylinder to go to it’s full extent and stay there, making the pedal unmoveable, this is different. The only thing i can think it is, is the slave cylinder. The thing will not bleed the air out of the system, no matter what method is attempted.
So off i pop to an independant LR garage for a new OEM slave cylinder.


Now fitting one of these baby’s should be like switching on a light, it’s that easy. Oh no,  not this one, firstly, the pipe union is solid and no amount of fiddling on will budge it.
AHA Me thinks, take the mounting bolts out and unscrew the cylinder from the pipe, worked well, just means do the reverse to fit the new one.
Hmmm, all of a sudden i seem to have brake fluid on the floor, on further inspection it’s coming from behind the engine!!!
Ahh blurry typical, the pipe disturbance has found a weakness, would you adam and eve it, the sodding clutch pipe has been chaffing somewhere behind the engine to the point that the meerest movement has formed a hole.


And means an extra £120 to the £30 plus already forked out. Yes i did say £120 for a pipe.
And no, the independant has no part in stock. This means no clutch, no motion, no MOT.

Tuesday has hit me like a diesel electric train.. The part arrived to the local independant and without so much as a blink of an eye, iv’e found myself £110 lighter. All that for this…

I think its engineered from a single nugget of gold then platinum plated, still, when you need something quick, the price has to be paid. By the look of the old one it seems the clutch problem was the pipe all along. It must have had a pin hole in it and was sucking air…

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