Frosty days…

Do ya naa wot…
Love these frosty cold mornings, no mud, no wet, granted the roads can be a little slippy but, when you know how to drive according to conditions and have your vehicle prepared to suite, then nowt’s a bother.

I just find that the larger majority of drivers these days have no notion of what an icy road is. All you need is eyes and ears, not this stupid mechanical/ electrical thing they call a car telling you its icy when it’s clearly not. These so called dashboard displays that say -1 =ice are clearly a health and safety snuggle blanket for those gullible enough to believe it. Open your eyes and ears then actually drive the car, not just piss about in second gear at twenty mile an hour then brake sharply down to ten at a corner… Arghhhhhhhh you useless #@+/*%%##@…
I truly believe that the money spent on gritting the republics thousands of miles of tarmac, would be better spent on educating those poor souls who for no reason of their own, do not know their arse from their elbow…. Just look at the chaos in “the toon” last week, the whole place ground to a halt, all because of dashboard displays and no common sense,  Nough said

Any way, a couple of days off from the cloud factory has had me out and about checking the mole traps. The best thing about wandering around the hills and dales up here in this tiny republic is, no sinking up to your ankles in mud and going home with wet feet and a wet muddy dog in the back of the bus..

My new area of control brings me close to a local landmark, not that impressive in the grand scheme of things, but never the less it is something i wish for at home. Obviously i’m talking about the 6kw proven wind turbine that generates power for the local campsite.

It’s hidden against the background of trees in this photo. When i say Proven i mean to say Kingspan wind, whom i believe have taken over Proven upon their demise but are maintaining the Proven turbines. Correct me if I’m wrong paul

Had a bit go at designing my own version of the Northumbrian flag. Think it could be an improvement on the car sticker that you see around these parts. Even made an enquiry to have them made for a select few, what do you think? Is it a winner.


Well the sun is way past the yard-arm and yours truly is back at the cloud factory in the morning, so here’s a couple of photos of one of the best views from todays mole catching trip

Which one is best, first, above, or the one below?

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  1. The new flag design, is as you say, much better, as it shows the area of Northumbria. I zoomed the photograph of the wind generator x200 and it does blend in extremely well with the surrounding trees, hardly noticable at all…


  2. Did you actually catch some m
    oles or were you just ‘wool-gathering’ on the hill tops with your camera? canny piccy, My views at home are better…na na nana na!!! xx