Chasing shadows…

This weekend has had me to and fro, trying to catch a tree rat spotted on the camera trap during our monitoring fortnight.


I’m beginning to think the one that was caught in the village was one and the same… Since there’s been no action at the feeding station.


But i’ve seen two red squirrels in the Scots pine above where I ensconced myself with the rifle last week… Result….

I’ve had a trap set since friday morning, the only thing that’s had the peanuts and maize has been the mice, little feckers…
So in between cutting and stacking logs

A job that seems to be never-ending this year as I’m always chasing my tail with it and getting grief of Mrs R for not doing the task earlier in the summer.
And keeping up with the mole catching duties, the weekend has flown by.
So much so that I’m sitting here on my break during a Monday night shift in the cloud factory penning this.

Speaking of the cloud factory, there was a section of this weeks countryfile regarding the tree diseases being introduced to these shores from europe. In the background of Tom Heaps piece to camera was the cloud factory’s steam plume, did you spot it?

Monday was the day to deactivate the live catch trap and remove it. But before that job the mole traps needed re positioning. The new site was further west of Mr Farmers farm, it was tackled late in the afternoon as the morning was full of grocery shopping.
As the last had been set we, paige and i set of back to the farm. With the sun behind us the shadows where so long

This one must have been forty feet.

Where as this stretched down to the farm shed. Can you imagine being that tall!!!
Ah the saga of the Evoco turbines, you can see the towers in that photo… Heres the reason why it’s not got a head on it, the base bolts are stressed and fracturing

Because the bearings that allow the blades to furl out of the wind are manufactured incorrectly. Causing at best vibration, at worst, blown inverters. This means that all three hundred plus Evoco turbines in the uk are offline awaiting repair. The parts have been redesigned and are being re manufactured, the whole lot should be fixed by the end of March 2013. Meanwhile the base problem will be solved by a new collar that is going to be installed with resin anchors… Hmm, watch this space..

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