Lister blues…

After the raiding party to the other republic and the journey home, it was time to come back to my little world. everything in my world is rosey, well it would be if outside forces had been banished…
Truth is, my battery bank is failing causing the generator to run more often and as a consequence, she now has an oil leak. As anyone who has dealt with old lister st2 engines knows, the smallest of leaks can look like an absolute torrent. It’s the very nature of on air-cooled engine to spread the oil that leaks from here to kingdom come.
You can see the flow of black yuk on the bellhousing


My first thought is the crank felt seal is shot.. This is usually the cause of oil coming out from between the cylinders. So once the seal kit arrived from i took to dismantling my older set so that the oil thrower and felt seal could be retrieved and replaced ready to swap to old blue..


With parts duelly refurbished i wasted no time in stripping down old blue starting with disconnecting the markon 8kw generator and the auto start supplied by my trace inverter with a little help from my furry assistant.


My supervisor watched intently as i disconnected the wires and moved the control box to the side.

So as not to be damaged by the chain from the block and tackle, the best bit of kit i ever bought from it aint arf saved my poor back gov..

Once in, off came the flywheel and to my surprise nay, delight, the seal is intact.. Not dirty horrible mess but clean and tidy

So me thinks, if that’s not leaking it can only be the cam shaft end plate. Off comes the bell housing and….. No not that either.

The seal behind this cap are prone to hardening and becoming brittle, so i changed that anyway.
This job is going to stretch itself out, the oil leak must be on the top of the engine and i aint got time to strip that today…

Meanwhile back yesterday, it was marks birthday celebrations, he fancied a spot of ten pin bowling. Well what do you say to that, its been years since my last game and quite frankly, i do enjoy it
There was ten of us out, spread over two lanes. After the tom foolery we headed back to his for wine and food, didn’t get in till gone 2am.
Thats nowt compared to last saturday in the emerald isle, where me and the boss saw 7am come and go
Well. Thats end of tonight’s effort

Anyway, it’s getting lat
more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android