Kiss my………….. blarney stone….

The republic is on a mission…. Well not so much a mission, more of an expedition, for one weekend the red and yellow flag is of to the emerald isle.


This is a first for me, Mrs R has been before but me, i’m on virgin territory. A bunch of us from the cloud factory have banded together and organised a raiding party, punchestown races here we come… Just need to get there…

“All aboard” just onto the stenna line superfast 8


apparently the ferry trip was organised by Allingham transport who have sorted VIP tickets for the crossing…. Well done them..
We sit here in the most comfortable recliners with glass in hand, nibbles and coffee, red wine, white wine all complimentry. Not to mention a Roaring log fire!!!


All rather plush..
Two and a half ours later and here comes Belfast…

We just need the next three hours drive to go well, so that we arrive safe at…

Our base for two nights…close to the town of Naas in county Kildair


Lovely wee spot where we found the natives to be very nice people..

Need i say, the weekend involved a hefty amount of drinking (the black stuff) and some good laughs.. Including a 7 am finish for me and my boss on the Sunday morning…ooosh..
The races at punchestown

are well organised and usually well attended, although it seemed as if we had turned up on the quieter day of the two day meet
Thats Thomas Allingham hogging the view…..all i can say to him is “potato” in my best Kieth Lemon irish accent.

After a four course meal and yet more drink, we headed in to Naas for a tad more black stuff, yours truly gave up and was back at the hotel by 7:30 with a bad stomach… Probably the night before had something to do with that… Never mind, the rest of the raiders hung on untill later.
The journey back took 11 hours and two detours. First one in Ireland via Eniskillen and Armagh to take Ian Allngham back. The next was of the A69 to avoid a big smash involving two HGV’s…. So i was bloody shattered and was not going to pop this on the blog last night…

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. random question whats the crack with the red v gray squirrel situation over in island?

    Also been trying to temp Paul (lifeattheendoftheroad) to come out for a pint but things have been a bit hectic for him, but may catch up in the new year when he’s back, if so pile along you can always crash at ours, your both legends in my book (says the chap in a terraced house in Gateshead, but with a plan)


    • Your plan intrigues me.. As far as i’m aware, the reds are gone from northern ireland, the republic of ireland may not have any either. I can find out a more definative answer this weekend, but for the moment, be happy with the thought that we still have a stronghold thats protected by rangers and volunteers alike. There is a problem in europe aswell, some joker introduced greys to a small area in italy. This is proving hard to contain and could spell the beginning of the end over there. It’s all very sad