Much excitement….

Saturday, would you believe it, more work to do. First task for the day was tidy up after yesterdays emergency repairs, but this time with my phone in hand i grabbed a shot of the offending water table


I now, i now, it’s got a bend in it, that’s what comes off a rush job in the wet. At least it’s secure. While the ladder was up the gutters got cleaned aswell, job done and i was off to check mole traps down on the farm. Three of the little velvet miners today and a nice early morning hike for paige and me. Ah i notice we still have no turbines at the farm yet.

Just two forlorn towers, not like the monsters on the sky line, if you can make them out?

Back home for ten thirty and

time for coffee… Along with helping Mrs R with her red squirrel blog.
The next “to do” on the list was check old Davy over


and attempt to cure some pot holes in the track to the Republics HQ. It was while topping up on antifreeze mix that I noticed a white helicopter. (it sounded like a flying lister st2)
Not this one, but one almost identical….


This noisy bell Huey was acting a bit odd. From where I was looking, all i could see was this chopper going to and fro with a hover and a disappear at either end of its travel. It then came closer and did the same thing, this time though, as it rose into the sky the reason became apparent. They where extracting christmas trees…


I beckoned Mrs R who curtailed the typing and rushed out with camera in hand. The next two plus hours was spent chasing helicopters and taking photos of this hugely exciting event up here in the republic.

got some good shots as it came in to re fuel..

On the way out of the maze of trees we stopped at the bothy to admire its new roof

Needless to say, the pot hole repairs and log splitting carried on well into twilight because of all this excitement….

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. Helicopter grabbing xmas trees ????? thats mental, I presume from your reaction its not the norm ? whats going on their then, thats got to cost a fair bit.
    Could be a new tool in your arsenal to fight off the grays…..


    • It was a sight to behold mike, can you imagine what the cost per foot for those trees will be. Have heard they pulled one hundred trees from inaccessable places