No photos today…

This one is just a text post as today has been a bit of a blur. It all started yesterday with a message from mrs R that went something like ” another job……whole line of water tables has slipped and hanging off the north side …ffs” so first thing this morning, out came the ladder and hen walk (thats the roof ladder to anyone else) along with the trowels, buckets and cement mixer. the job itself wasn’t bad apart from the stone water tables are feckin heavy to lift and manouvre on your own. Needless to say, there was no way my phone was going to be involved in this task, i had visions of it being dropped from a great height and smashing to smitherines. Once up on the roof it was apparent that the screws holding the hip iron
had snapped, wether it was fatigue or possibly an accumulation of snowfall and frost in recent years will never be known. Once the stone table was on the hen walk, the job of re installing the hip iron was a breeze, with three screws for added safety this time. A strong mix of sand cement and a waterproofing admix was used to bed the tables back onto the roof. The whole job took just under an hour and a half, then as if by design, the feckin rain started, just as i finished pointing. Ah well, it takes its chance as there was a summons to work and a meeting with the board of directors. After a quick bath and a scrape of the chin, (not doing movember this year for mens health, it was off to the cloud factory and what turned out to be an all afternoon meeting. The content of this meeting has sent the workforce reeling and i suspect may cause much harm with industrial relations. But hey ho, thats the way it is in big private sector business. At least we have dialouge.

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