Nowt but work work and more work…

You would think the holiday season was over for this year, not at the cloud factory. It seems as if every one that works alongside me has decided to keep a few days for this back-end, (sods), this is the cause of me slacking with my blog. If it’s not fixing cock ups, then it’s covering other folks while they have a couple of days off, or as was the case today, in for a meeting. Then tomorrow, back in to cover, that means no me time… Or us time. As it happens, the meeting was moved to yesterday and as the republic was already covering a job, this tied in nicely so I have today off, hooray…
“What was the meeting about” I hear you ask, well, I sit on the charity committee at work and yesterday was the meeting to arrange the mega raffle, what a raffle it is to.
the prizes so far are, 40″ led hd television, two lots of four ball golf rounds at separate venues, an i pad, dinner bed and breakfast at close house, days salmon fishing for two rods on the Tyne, weekend away at a hotel of your choice from the best western chain, i pod touch, £250 tool voucher, plus loads more, in fact there was over eighty prizes last year. This thing is going to be big, all because the cloud factory gets donations from all sorts of suppliers, all those plus ones the committee buys get put into the raffle. The proceeds of this and other activities are dished out to local charities to aid the community. The company also add cash to the funds. aswell as the mothership in Austria’s donations, it all adds up to a tidy sum to give away and that feels good.
So I say well done Mr E and his amazing cloud factory…
Thanks to Fiona for this moody shot of community minded cloud maker.


So that said, i’ve ended up with my day off intact, well as intact as it can be.
We still have the normal bits and pieces to do, not to mention getting animal feed aswell as human feed

And some sheep licks, of which they started to devour as soon as the lid was off

After that a hike with the dogs with more squirrel activity including a blonde tailed red squirrel high tailing it up a tall sitca spruce.
It’s not just the leaves with colour at this time of year, what about pink and purple moss

Pretty vivid

With the lime green.

That’s not all, today is a tad breezy, the whisper h80

has been steadily boosting the re arranged battery bank, the boost is still ongoing but as of this morning we had a good voltage

The new selenium rectifier arrived and will be installed as soon as the strip down begins

With the second one already away with Andrew for him to fit. That reminds me, must phone him tonight.
Well that’s it for the one full day off in two weeks….

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android