Square eyes!!

A set of 12 hour shifts to remember, this week has been ,shall we say, full.

sorry for the waffle before you read on…

Mr E’s  amazing cloud factory nearly came to a standstill, all because the electrical department pulled the power on the system that yours truly helped install. This caused major upset because, when the power was reinstated after the maintenance, the servers backed up the data files to May 2011!!!!!   oooohhh not big and not clever,,,


me, on night shift, blissfully and totally unaware untill I walked in to the place. all hell had broken loose during the day, hurried phone calls, conference calls with programmers and the mother ship in Austria. our head guy had sent for Peter the polish brazilian, speaker of five languages, programmer of most things automated who was on the first flight out of  São Paulo.

as I calmly sat down to do my other production control job, I took a look at the data in the control system and found, yes, it was “all to cock” and nothing was moving under its own steam so to speak, but within an hour, some of this had been corrected and most of the system was moving again.

no big deal me thinks and at the end of a 12, off home to bed I go. I was awoken by the dreaded phone call, with the bosses name on my mobile screen, “oh sh1t” I thought what  the feck have they done this time.

well, as it turned out, the powers that be wanted little me to A,  come in and finish  my 2nd 12 hour night shift and B, start a run of 6 12hr dayshifts the following day. so here you find me this evening tip tapping on this keyboard, gawd knows how many days after the last musings of this off gridder.

all because these little coloured blocks had the wrong information!!


as Thursday came then so did Peter, between us we managed to correct 50% of the data errors, alongside the technical IT young electrician of the year.


by Friday  we had much happier faces and a system that resembled the real world. truth be known Peter was not needed as he trusted me to guide the youngster in the data correction. he just watched over us while playing with my phone and taking pictures of the three of us…


Saturday, and our man from brazil was off to Germany, but because the problem wasn’t totally resolved, as in the link back to the mothership could not be reinstalled on friday, ( they all finish early on a friday in Austria) muggins here was holding the fort untill Monday, where upon the links would be put back.

Monday came, and along with the dawn came a sense of dread, I found myself back into the fire. 9:30 in go the links and a full restart of the system ensued, to my pleasure and sense of self-gratification, only two errors turned up. wooo hooo, both just a typo on behalf of the young electrician of the year.

a quick correction of this data and a full restart again, off it goes in full automatic mode, result…

mind you it all went pear-shaped again, the operator decided to fiddle with some of the data and stopped it…not happy…

after a further undoing of this…. and another restart……….bigger result. that’s me in the company’s good books.




Today has been a bit wishy-washy here, but a most pressing job was finally tackled.

after finishing the marathon 96 hour working week I simply had to re arrange the battery bank, three of them had failed and as those who know, a dead cell in a battery will draw the others down.

first off, check all the cells with a hydrometer, just to make sure!

oh dear, this is the third cell to fail on this battery alone. this one is definitely F”d.



where as this one is still in good order.

a final check of the voltage once out of the bank and the meter says it all..


with the duff three battery’s out of the bank and a re arrange of the remaining ones, my system is running on 460 amp hours. note to self, need new battery’s.

my afternoon has been spent, cutting and splitting logs in this dank grey weather, good job the fire is on and I can relax with a glass of vino collapse’o

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android