Would you believe it!!!

As the republic has a few days off, it was decided that we should go to the pictures for and afternoon matinee. It was while sitting in jd weatherspoons  that this techno contraption started ringing, just as Mrs R was reading the latest installment from http://lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com/
“It’s the boss” she says, “don’t answer it, your on holiday!”. Well i don’t get many actual phone calls on this, so sometimes it’s good to talk.

Anyway turns out he had recieved an odd phone call, asking wether he could spare a man to drive a forklift. As he could not, he thought of me being on holiday. “The job is offloading barriers for the kielder marathon” he says, “is it alright to give the organisers your number”. Ok says me,  not long after that this nice lady comes onto the blower and explains the task, it will be all day wednesday helping offload and set up a compound for the organisers. Count me in i say, so today i find myself at leaplish waterside park http://www.visitkielder.com/visiting-kielder-water-and-forest-park/leaplish-waterside-park

in the wet, taking delivery of this



To offload all if this kit.


The plus side is, i get to do this with the legg end that is Steve Cramm.  totaly suprised to see him turn up in a transit flat bed. And i did expect to be one of an army of volunteers


No, just me Steve and Rob,

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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