Oh sod it…

Well try as i might, the video function on this blog is not happening. Iv’e had some vid footage of our reds from my remote camera, the little stars have posed like proper film stars.
But can i heck as like post it to the blog, infact, even been to the trouble of downloading some software to convert video files. My next step is livewriter but for some reason my laptop complains about that programme.
Me thinks its wordpress, i need to upgrade for x amount a year. Not likely, not untill someone actually wants to see the footage.
Meanwhile back in the real world, first frosts of the year this weekend. Saturday and Sunday have been

With this morning being foggy to boot.
Well this shift at the cloud factory has come to a very quiet end, so its home for tea and s hot bath followed by a bottle of very nice red wine infront of the woodburner.

Along with my sidekick

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. I’d love to see the movie stars of the republic, I’d suggest you setup a youtube or vimeo account and upload your videos their, you can them embed them in your page (and not pay wordpress I presume). I can give you a hand , or even host them if you want.


    • Once i get a chance to go on the laptop, i will see if my login still works for youtube. Failing that mike, its posted on the republics facebook page


  2. Ohh great I’ll have a look on their (I try not to use Facebook but if its for the republic).

    I’d just read Paul from Raasay has arrived in the toon. Got to try and drag him out for a pint,would be amazing to sit and listen to the pair of you over a few jars.