Up and at it….

Well my nightshift weekend has drifted by like a yacht with no sail, the old cloud factory being quieter than of late. It actually makes the time drag, i hate that.
Bit of excitement got me out of my pit on Monday morning. I was woken abruptly by a very distraught Mrs republic, along with a teddy carrying paige making that half growl half whine that accompanies a vigorous lashing of her “muck stick” (her tail). Anyway once the old eyes had managed to open she said, “i need your help, we have a problem” to which came the retort ” oh sh1t whats up?” turns out we have had the grey invader, not one but two of the little illegal aliens mooching in the garden. Well thats just not on! as we are deep in red territory here. Up i get all bleary eyed and start about sorting and setting traps. Now thats something that i hoped i would never see. Strange thing is, not long after setting traps,  a raiding party of three reds pitches up, one even came to the glass front door and tried to get in. luckily though not a sign of mr grey this afternoon.
In between all this the phone rang, Andrew here, “can you come up and have a look at this genny we just rigged up?” it’s not producing. Well when the job was first attempted, the out put from the 7.5kw startomatic was lacking. 19vac was the output, but after cleaning the slip rings the voltage shot up to the regular 240vac. This time though the voltage has slipped below 180 and the inverter has said, no way will i connect to that. After much scratching of heads and bemused looks, i spotted the brush had slipped of the slip ring and was running to one side, after a correction of the holders and a the brush trimmed to take off the ridge that had formed….it was no better, oh bollox! Next i cleaned the commutator as this was the initial cause of poor voltage first time around. The fine emery paper and a nice flat stick to wrap it over then, gently apply to the surface as it runs, that polished it nicely. Still no joy!
While the genny was running a load came on in the house, must have been the freezer, the gen dipped and lo and behold there was a fizzle sound, aha me thinks, seems like this rectifier has blown.

Now where the feck do i get one of those from….., from my retired genset, where else. The trouble with that is, my old set was retired for the same reason, maybe not as drastic as this set but none the less it was under voltage. later on Andrew phoned, the genny was running a bit better but still under voltage, at least the inverter is charging the battery bank.


after the marathon no sleep couple of days, the bed-clothes would not let me go, even when breakfast was made and served along with the obligatory “are you getting up or what!” shout. any way, a trip to town beckoned this morning, Mrs republic to the dentists for an extraction..(ouch) and me for a cuppa and a driver of the aforementioned patient. mind you the cuppa time was not wasted, oh no. the time was spent looking up contacts and phoning around for a rectifier or a modern solution. there is a guy not far from Newcastle with a wealth of knowledge on all things old electrical. and he may be able to hit upon a solution to the failed rectifier. there is also my good friend Billy, the son of the late great Ray Telfer, a local legend in these parts who could keep any old lister going as well as supply refurbished ones. turns out, Billy has kept all the bits from his dads garage and i am invited for a mooch on saturday, hooray,,,

this afternoon has been spent checking the trap line, the result being two moles from six traps and a happy dog…

Bless her she hates having her photo taken..
Well thats it for today, glass of wine and an easy night.

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android