A day of contrast…

What hapened to this so called heatwave, woke this morning,ย  at 9am i must add, to find horizontal water. Not whole water but that fine stuff that soaks you without you feeling anything hitting you.


So after a piece of toast and coffee, while watching three red squirrels deciding what feed station they wanted to visit and due to mrs R having tooth ache with no painkillers in the house, it was decided to take a trip to town for a little bit of shopping and pay bills a week early. So while the grocerie side was tackled by mrs R, yours truly opted for the walk into town to pay the council tax/rip off. What a difference in weather in ten mile east of us. The Abbey was bathed in sunshine and there was only a light wind

As we headed home mrs R said the abbey is doing guided tours this weekend as apparently theres a restoration project about to start.
Back in the gloom, it was off to check traps,
When you look west the gloom looked worse

But look east and the valley further on looked brighter

Doing the trap line with my trusty assistant paige, we managed five, no scrub that, six of the velvet jacket miners.

A good start to the autumn season

Enough of today, after tea it was time for another stint at the cloud factory. The first task being, sort out the full size packs with the biggest fork lift truck on site

This beastie lifts a massive sixteen ton in one fell swoop. It wasn’t long before the “special” shift’s cock ups had been corrected.
Well, 3:30 am, coffee time and my task with beastie is nearly complete, just another hundred ton to sort…

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