Up early this morning as today is…

And today i have blagged a day off work to volunteer on the stand to hopefully answer questions and just generally be a bit of eye candy for the ladies…… Not……seriously though, it’s got to be over ten-year since I last ventured to the show. The last time possibly, would have been when Chester our Golden retriever won a big silver trophy for best in show. He wasn’t very old then and very sadly he passed away two-year ago having reached a massive age (for a golden) of fifteen. So that’s got to be nearer a twelve-year absence.
The day started with grey skies, the forecast says rain but as of scribbling this at 7:30 we have only had a light shower

Ah but… Six mile up the road and yurgh!! It’s pishing down. Oh well best not be down beat, the stall was erected in double-quick time and we await the first inquisitive soul to venture near…image
It wasn’t long before the first curious soul wandered in asking all manner of questions on whats being done to stop the non native grey invading the republics borders, .. whats happening with vaccinations against the squirrel pox virus and how do I help… Of course the answers come thick and fast from RSNE’s Katy Cook as she grabs their attension and informs them that a network of paid rangers have been put in place, along with back up short-term contractors, alongside the likes of me who volunteer their time to control the invaders and with funding for two or three years fixed, the future is looking better than it did two-year ago.
The science of a vaccine is still a little way off but they do have scientists on board with funded work and that there has been two known cases of a red actually surviving the pox.
With the information ringing in their ears they ask how can i help,,, to which the reply is simple, firstly, report any sighting wether red or grey via the website using the relative links..
as all information is vital to the monitoring project… Secondly she points them in the direction of their nearest action group who can deal with trapping or know a man who can. Thirdly, the direct funding, which actually goes towards the upkeep of the rangers positions.
All this was very encouraging for me as, A, the interest of folk looking in on us was good and B, the positive attitude of all that popped in or walked past saying keep up the good work actually buoyed my spirit… There was not one anti to be found all day.
Mind you, things did get off to a quiet start due to the inclement, dare i say seasonal weather

But once it fared up the visitor came out of the woodwork.

Including some fine packs of fox hounds, or shall we say hounds as the fox bit is politically incorrect.

Although these beut’s are no match for the eye candy and his hound….ha ha..

A little later on i got to watch the Cumberland wrestling and had to laugh at the commentator

These two lads had just got up from the match and the one in the grey jog pants walked towards him while adjusting his crushed crown jewels, the comment came over the tannoy “oh dear! we seem to have a technical leg misplacement” well that just cracked me up.
Unluckily for the show, down came the rain at 4pm and drove off a lot of the visitors, so in turn we packed up and battled our way out of the showfield.

luckily there was a tractor on hand for those less fortunate souls without 4WD.
On our arrival home as if by magic it was fair again and out had come our troop of red squirrels to see us. Well they came to the feeding stations, they didn’t actually line up and salute as we drove by!!! Although i am working on a training regime…

Sorry, this post aint proof read, so any dodgy grammar or spelling, i aint fixing till tomorrow, as it’s well past the land of nod time and I’m back to the cloud factory in the morning….so..

more scribbles later…TTFN…Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. No shortage of red squirrels this side of the ‘pond’ in New Brunswick Canada…indeed they are considered more of a nuissance by many. We were in the woods behind our home looking for berries yesterday, and they were quite irritated about sharing the spoils. I was more concerned that we’d see bears as we were deep in, but we were deafened from their squaking as we tried to pick a few berries for supper.
    I enjoy watching them, along with the chipmunks, as they scurry about to hoard their food away for the long winter months. They hoard all summer but go into a frenzied mad rush to hoard as the weather turns – just beginning to do so now – I eagerly watch where they hoard as my grandmother always told me that if they hoard in or close to the ground, it’ll be a mild winter and if they hoard high up in the pines, the snow will be deep. Sometimes she is right. Last year they hoarded low to the ground and we did have a mild winter…this year, I see they are hoarding up high… not a good sign surely.
    Sometimes they get inside our summer cottages at the shore ‘to winter’ and then it really isn’t funny as they nestle into mattresses, settees and chairs. Our cottage was invaded only once but some neighbours have had the little critters destroy the insides of a cottage several times. They are particularly fond of ‘wintering’ in oven mitts hung up in the kitchen. Can’t blame them as it is bitterly cold here during the winter. Even more clever are the chipmunks who set up elaborate tunnels under the snow to reach our bird feeders. They pop in and out all winter like groundhogs as they steal their meals. In the spring, as the snow drifts melt down, we can see the elaborate tunnelling and their hoards of food they have gathered in little ‘caves’ within the drifts.


    • Lovely to hear from you linda, it’s the greys that cause all the trouble here in blighty. The native reds are getting thin on the ground and iv’e never heard of any damage caused by them but no doubt they must. Regards, Steve..


  2. Steve – Love this post. I didn’t even notice you posing while I was chattering away to the lady in the background! Paige could have been looking at the camera though….

    LInda – the red squirrels you have over there are a different species. I see lots of people commenting on how much of a pest they are when I’m doing a trawl on google for red squirrel news. Thankfully, I’ve never come across any info about our reds beings pests (maybe because they are thin on the ground and very rarely found in urban/semi urban areas), but greys certainly cause a lot of damage to buildings by chewing wires etc.