The camera trap… discover as i discover

set up my trusty keepgaurd camera trap on Sunday in the hope of catching some of our more elusive residents Fingers crossed

and as i start to pen this i have no idea what’s on the memory card.. so lets see together.. number one is meThumbs down but at least it shows its set ok.


next one is visitor number one, not long after it was set,


then we have number two watching the first wee chap on the telegraph pole


followed on day two by a lot of us doing stuff around the place Thumbs down


we then had early morning visits but the dew from the grass obscured the photos, followed on Tuesday by a delivery of gravel.


including us to work, other family visitors and wayward working collie dog. after all that activity you may think it would scare of our red friends but no Thumbs up


this youngster was probably watching the comings and goings and i would hazard a guess that Mrs republic it working just beyond the gate in the garden when that was taken Open-mouthed smile

shortly after that, another delivery.


followed by a neighbour on the cadge,,


and then some chaffinch looking for bugs.


in fact the run of 201 photos covered a lot of traffic, four wheel and four leg. this little camera has been one of my best buys for a long time.

it wasn’t purchased from here but this is the camera

it just takes a little time to identify where to place it. it also doubles as a security camera and with a set of battery’s lasting up to six month it’s brill,,,

thanks to Paul for pointing me in the direction of windows live writer, i managed to stick this together in twenty minutes cheers that man.

more scribbles later TTFN..