Dont you just love hospitals….not!!
I’m sitting here in A&E waiting for my turn. Won’t go into details of my predicament but needless to say the minor surgery i was booked for on the 31st may be done tonight as things have developed. It’s not busy front of house but i do believe theres an RTA just come in, so i’m back in the waiting room after seing the staff nurse,, thats me stuck untill they clear the carnage. All i can say is lucky me.. The cloud factory can wait for my service’s till later, my twelve hour nightshift started at 7pm and so far iv’e seen about an hour of it.
Well it’s 9:30pm and we have nine folk waiting but only four including yours truly waiting to go in. 9:45 thats me seen just waiting for nursy to sort me out with the obligatory anti biotics then i’m off out of this place. Not saying the hospital is bad by any means. It’s just me, i don’t like being in amongst sick people. The hospital is fine, well Hexam general hospital was rebuilt a few years ago and is a clean modern building with good services. You do here of things like, theres no midwife so to give birth the ladies are punted of to Newcastle or wherever. It seems like this place is not a twenty four hour operation, bit pants really as the rest of the world is!!!

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