A hectic week…

After the life draining nightshift weekend comes the half day of rest then back to Mr E’s cloud factory to do an overtime cover dayshift. And what busy shifts the overtime and my two scheduled ones have been. I did intend to snap a few shots for your delectation but to be brutaly honest there was not an oppertunity to catch my breath nevermind photos. Tuesdays shift started out promissing, with the chance to catch up on a few IT hardware repairs in the morning. The warehouse management system uses barcode scanners to store and issue goods for loading. These are being replaced with a more robust handset and somehow yours truly seems to be “the man who can”. Infact, these types of jobs always seem to fall at my door. Not that i complain about such jobs, it’s easy work when you know how. The afternoon turned a lot busier as i was setting out the nghtshifts workload for Wednesdays loading.

Wednesday dawned rather misty, the sun was peaking over the top of the mists here at HQ but as the journey progressed from the hilltop


Past Willowbogg
And Ladyhill
I could see the phantom lake getting ever bigger.

These are my only photos from this week as the past two shifts have been so blurry hectic, the phone only came out of my pocket to answer the blurry thing.
We took a count of how many artic vehicles came over the weighbridge on Tuesday and by six thirty there had been one hundred and twenty five!!! That’s not including the local shunts or internal stock shipments from our baby sister plant up in Ayr. So factor those in and we had around one hundred and forty loads to contend with. Thats around three thousand seven hundred ton of product moved in one day. No wonder my hair is going grey, you have to wonder, where the hell does all this stuff go? And recession! What recession; we are doing very well thankyou.
Thursday was a complete repeat of Wednesday, so i’m glad of a weekend off, although there are still the jobs to do around here. It’s strange, i always have five “to do” jobs on the list and as i tick one of, another one gets added, hows that work then?
Today was spent by laying some flooring at my bosses gaff while he swanned off shopping for bermuda shorts or some such stuff. He’s off to sunnier climes on Saturday, lucky basket…


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