another day of complete rest… or polishing my nuts…

woke this morning to find my old wheels have sold,not the price i expected but hey ho, they are 15 plus year old and the tyres are down to 3mm so £56 aint bad.

they have been paid for so just got to wait and see if the chap from Lancashire wants to pick them up.

so other than that, the traps have been out all weekend checking the republics borders for the grey invader.


its been about 8 weeks since i last trapped the area and there has been no activity, on the other hand the red squirrels seem to be thriving, we have counted half a dozen individuals coming and going here at republic HQ

the one on top of the feeder has white backs of her ears and a white mark on her flank, so ultimately the easiest to identify.

with not visiting the gill where the traps are set for some time, the grass and wild flowers have grown waist-high,

including those spiky thistles,

not the best considering the wild weather this area has had this weekend, i’ve been soaked  by the tall grass but avoided spiky things.

yesterday we decided to set the trail camera beside the burn to see if we could spot the otter. all the signs are there, footprints and spraint’s but we have yet to see them. the burn is around 1/4 of a mile away and not frequented by human kind that often.

it recorded 12 sheep before i retrieved it due to the thunderstorms and possible flash floods.

after the storm came the class photos, some cracking shots taken by Mrs republic..

back to today and the feeder that was at the trap site was taken down and cleaned, the contents are fine other than the maize. after sorting and polishing my nuts,,,

it was filled and pressed into service up here,

and it wasnt long before the first visitor,

while Mrs republic was capturing these shots’ i ventured out to collect the traps

capturing these shots on the smart phone,

with dramatic skies..

anyway that’s the end of this weekend off, back in to the cloud factory for two 12’s tomorrow, lets see what that brings..