Common problem…

Trip to town today to see ma mates at ATS euromaster..the wheels i got from  Ripon need new rubber on three of them. so after trawling the tinternet this morning, pricing up this one and that one, figuring out postage then fitting costs this end, it was cheaper seeing the lads i know well, for a good deal on a set of four.
This means i can keep the one good tyre as a spare should any get damaged.
So let me explain the plan… The new rims are 18inch, these are getting new road pattern rubber and being fitted to the bus, the rims on the bus are 16inch and are being swapped.
My old set for the 300 series disco are 16inch but dont fit the hubs on the td5, thus the offroad Hankook tyres will swap from the 300 series rims to the td5 rims, still following!!! That means the very good road rubber thats on the 16 inch td5 rims will go on the 16 inch 300 series rims and then the old set for the 300 disco can be sold, got that!!! Good job you have coz i got lost way back…
Seem a little ott but… Bear with me here, the new 18 inch rims and rubber will have a bigger rolling circumference than whats fitted now, this will in effect gear up the bus, giving better mpg on those longer journeys like the A1 to Ripon. Not such a daft idea now is it!!!

So if anyone needs a set of wheels and tyres for a 300 series or 200 series landrover then, hey i’m your chap, just call me arfer dailey.
The bus has developed a common fault with the gearbox. Sounds drastic but it’s not, the fault is not being able to hit third from second gear. The first time this happened to me the pound sign’s started flashing infront of my eyes, i had visions of gearbox out and recon one in.
All it is, on the top of the gearbox is a scabby little plate that keeps two strong apposing springs in place.

Through time these springs actually overcome said plate and it cracks or snaps off.

The plate itself is under a tenner and the job takes around half an hour to do.
This time though i thought i would weld and brace it.

Started by welding the crack then found myself a bit of steel bar to back brace it.

Once the bottom was tacked in place, then the brace was cut and shaped.

Then welded top and sides.

Finally finished with a flap disc to polish off any burrs.

Then refitted to make a job better than new.

That was Mondays tasks, before the dreaded nightshift. Anyway that me finished my break at the cloud factory, so upload this post and carry on untill 7am Tuesday…good morning all… er goodnight er… Oh WTF..