That job we had in mind!!!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago and my post “no rest for the wicked” well the stump rescued from the burn was hauled home and put to use today. And the post from the other day about going to get some poles when the chainsaw pull cord snapped. Well…..
After a great visit by my parents who brought my 4 year old nephew to see us,Β  whom we spent a couple of hours entertaining with “lost pirate treasure” that s chocolate coins secreted all around the republic to you and me. Also feeding the hens, inspecting the chicks and looking the sheep. The days chores finally started with a lunch break! Yep that’s right, nothing constructive untill after a bacon sarnie and a mug of coffee.
Firstly, i robbed the pull cord from my trusty husqvarna 240r hd brush cutter and made good the recoil starter on my husqvarna 256xp chainsaw. The reason being this afternoon was devoted to chainsaw work, so after the fix we off’ d to the burn with quad, trailer, winch and two dergs to claim our wooded bounty. This was the base for a novel bird table. Next we sourced an old dead larch pole with kinks and twists in it. After much zizzing and boring of holes with a 15 inch bar into the stump, the pole was married to said stump. The next task was to dish the top of the pole and cut five gobs to accept five one and a half inch thick rounds of larch pole to make individual feeding stations.


Above these i used a wood spade bit to sink holes for fat balls


and used the same bit to sink little basins into the rounds as seed wells, each with a drain hole.


What do ya think o that, the dicky birds love it already.

And nearly all done with the chainsaw….