A week of things….

Lets start with Sunday.. As twas a day of giving my time to this cloud factory, all i can say was the twelve-hour shift went quick. I actually worked for my bit today, there was much stock to move and space to create for new production. Not an easy task when available space is virtually non-existent and the auto storage is malfunctioning. Mind you, yours truly fixed it again coz he was sick of the lack of actual productive help for the storage operator from our electro mechanical department. Still I curbed the urge for the operator to abandon ship and walk out. he was so frustrated with the apparent lack of help from our technical side  that he had all but made up his mind to walk. still, if he had then we may have spurred the management to kick arf and sort it out once and for all.

the  evening beckoned me with my better half’s fantastic cooking skills, a fantastic home reared pork in vintage cider followed by a fantastic trifle and a bottle of red as we sat and watched harry potter on the goggle box.

Monday, this seemed a very short day for some reason. spent most of the morning phoning around for insurance and catching up with returning calls to this one and that one. did manage to split a few logs and de construct a scaffold tower in readiness for the pointing job ont the west gable of the house. I also sorted out the 3G signal booster and positioned that as to gain the best possible mobile connection for the tinternet.

my evening was spent with some volunteers for RSNE that’s red squirrels northeast to you
http://www.rsne.org.uk. they are trying to start a volunteer group in the local area to monitor and or actively trap greys to help the reds repopulate the areas they have been pushed out of. that is going to get bigger i hope, as long as there is a strong leader for the group it will hopefully grow. job done there  and it was home to sample a rather nice italian red and watch the day slip into night.

Tuesday, nice journey to work,

managed to snap a couple of shots, this is a view from the ward lane over to Hadrian’s wall. The whole area has just burst into green ness…
This one is the north Tyne at Chollerford

on the way  back in to the cloud factory,

only to be greeted by a mountain of computer related guff. as this was an overtime shift the day was actually rather pleasant, no pressure to get things working or find non-existent space, just steady away correcting and inputting data. followed on by the testing of new hardware. we are getting new barcode readers for the plant and i was given one to test and sort then report back to the IT department.

back home, better half had cleared the incubator and put the newly hatched chicks into me home-made broody box.

we’ve got 13 new recruits to the republic. aint they sweet ahhhh…

Nearly lost the working collie dog today so better half tells me, she went for a walk with both dogs and as the hike took them closer to civilisation than normal, better half decided to put a collar on nan the collie. Well on the journey home the collie disappeared, she likes nothing nicer than having a good root around in the long grass looking for things that collie dogs like… Shr normally lags behind a bit then catches up once she’s lost interest in what ever… This time no nan returned, which is very strange as the dog was rescued from certain death, she was not going to work for her original owner. Hence she is extremely loyal to better half and will not leave the property without one of us, not even when she is left on guard duty if we go out. Any way, better half had to go find said loyal dog. Turns out the daft bitch had got her paw stuck in the collar and fallen in a ditch. luckily the ditch was shallow and muddy instead of full of water. She had managed to scramble out and was making her way home on three legs. So there goes a lesson, never put a collar on a working dog, as they don’t know what it is.

Wednesday.. What a muggy horrible sticky day… the cloud factory ‘s a hot place to work even on a winter’s day, so you can only imagine what its like for the poor guys working in the production halls. They come to work weighing fourteen stone or more, then go home a few pounds lighter.

Once home, better half informed me that the first dragon fly or “devils darning needles” as we call them, have emerged.
Mission should she wish to accept it….photos…

Yet another cloud factory day, I’m not complaining, as the shift swap suits me just fine. As it happens they want me in on friday as well, so we have worked that to a mutual advantage as well.
It means that i can save a day’s holiday but can drop a shift of my choice and my choice is, next weekend, take a shift off and go to a local beer festival with my good friend and neighbour Phil. Last years event was slightly damp but very enjoyable, so looking forward to that.
On the way home it struck me, i wanted to take a photo of the poppy’s in the rape seed crop, but then thought, that’s a bit boring. It was a stroke of genius the I remembered a local war memorial stands on top of the bank where the field slopes away from..
This ties in nicely with the field of poppy’s just behind it…


So what I need to do is go with the big camera and try to get a picture with the memorial and the field together…

At last…Friday.

yet another cloud factory day, nothing to report on that score, all things much the same. apart from a fellow worker having a stressful time of his own making, then taking it out on all around him by shouting and balling at folks anywhere near him, including me. no need for it, i will see him first thing monday and ask him to apologise to all.

Had to finish early tonight as better half locked the door behind her (by accident) as she was going out to work. only trouble was the car keys and house keys just happened to be inside, so quick trip home and here i am finishing the weeks scribbles. the weekend work looks like indoors stuff, ah well, got to check battery’s and repair strimmer’s etc.

so untill the next time TTFN