Hum drum

Well just thought i would drop this into a post for tonight. Wednesday.

The past two nights have had my time taken up with the cloud factory, all a bit mundane to me but you may find what i do interesting, you may not.

The trouble with these last couple of nightshifts has been that we had an under staffing problem, so yours truly jumped on one of our twelve ton fork lift trucks and drove for a change. Don’t get me wrong, a big part of my job involves driving these beasties but i’m usually making space for production or rotating stock.
No this time i have been picking orders aswell as all the usual computer malarky, stock rotation, programing, blah, blah, in fact it was a bit of a change and made the night go quick, a bit to quick actually.

By the time i had got through the customer orders and sorted out other truck related movements i barely had time to set the production programe for the next shift. There are four of us that cover the twenty four hour, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days working and we all push ahead to cover the twelve hour shift infront. Any way, took this little vid as i wandered through my nightshift absorbed in the trance music on the nokia 6320 stereo works phone,(my phone but work sim).
It’s a strange thing but that kind of music actually makes me concentrate, anyway, enjoy, or not……



ah bollox… the file format is not supported by wordpress, its taken me hours to try and upload 115mb of mp4….. going to try and add it to flickr then link to it….. sod it thats not working either…got to dash in to work this morning, (big meeting) so will try this from there, it’s a good 3g signal to use my phone’s uploader.

That didn’t work either…even tried in tesco’s using there free wifi….still no joy. I think this vid clip is destined never to be seen in the world of tinternet, but i will percivere…


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