Wasn’t going to post tonight as i have no new photos, also been nowhere as the fords have been flooded.

But saying that, i did manage to sneak out last night when the water level dropped,Β  to treat ourselves to an indian take away.
And i must say Acomb tandoori was rather nice, with a decent portion for your dosh. It’s something that we never do normally but, as we had been cold and wet from walking the dogs, the thought popped into my head at around the time i put a match to the fire. Just what we needed on yet another grey dank day.


The evening was spent with the feet up the flu, a rather nice bottle of red from chilli called “the waxed bat” and as the tinternet had finally come back to the hill, some decent photos from the photography day got thrown onto flikr…. Check the link on the left of the page.
Actually i snuck a couple on from the walk yesterday afternoon, both of the warksburn in spate. I was just tinkering with camera settings really, but they turned out half decent.

This is the only photo i have anew on my phone, is it chicken of the woods?


If it is then there’s a few fillets here…..