Sick as the proverbial …

It’s three am at the cloud factory, all is quite and I’m bored. All the computer work is sorted and I’m chilling with a cup of coffee. After all it’s break time ……..


Kind of thinking about leaving early as there are many tasks to see to in the morning …. I mean this morning.
The offshot/ garden room / sun room, whatever you decide to call it, needs the skirting boards fitted.


And the door  in the photo  needs complaining about.
After fitting it we found  the fecking thing leaked, so a trip to the builders merchants was in order. I’m on good terms with the local merchants and have trade accounts with two of them, handy for price wars(in my favor ). Anyway I digress. Fraser my man on the inside contacted the manufacturer and quizzed them about weather seals. Turns out they don’t supply the bottom seal and they leave it up to the installer to sort, so armed with a nice new weather strip, off I go and fit the thing. Here’s me proud as punch thinking it was all sorted, ……..not so, the fecking thing still leaked.
After much cussing and scratching of heads I noticed the fecker is warped and sits off the frame seal at the top corner, need I say more. You can bet your life the manufacturer will try and wriggle out of supplying a replacement.

The other disaster is my fecking hot water cylinder has sprung a leak and needs replacing. Luckily this should be covered by the house insurance. The only downside is the tank could take ten days to be made as its a bit of a special, its a twin coil gravity feed with twin immersion bosses. The twin coils  are for the bosky wood burning kitchen  range and solar water heating, the solar water heating side is not fitted  yet but the thought was, fit the tank with the option to install the solar at a later date.
The twin immersion bosses are for the dump load from trace sw4548 and solar array/whisper h80. This feeds on dump, a one kilowatt immersion to the top half of the tank. While the bottom  boss has a switchable three kilowatt immersion.
it’s never  used and could be done away with.

The guys at the merchants plumbing department have sourced a stainless steel tank for three pound  more than copper. It’s a no brainer in my eyes, stainless steel insulated tank it is.

Anyway, rant over, question is do I skulk off or stay until 7am………………….hmmm
That’s me high tailing it out of here, it’s 4am and the sun is just putting his hat hip hip hip hooray,,,,,there’s a song in there somewhere!!!!

So goodnight er goodmorning er oh bollox,,, damn shift work!!!!!