Busy bee

Wednesday…..Strived  to get on top of the job today.

After  a trip to the big smoke for some masonry paint, better half and me took to painting the offshot.


Makes one hell of a difference when you just add colour


We decided  to paint the stonework as the old lime mortar stuck on the face of some masonry looked  terrible


The whole thing has lightened up considerably. So the agenda for Thursday is collect the top hung window from the joiner and refit that, then lay the oak floor.
And if I have  time, fit the door mouldings and skirting boards.
Note to self, must remember the door mouldings,(not sourced yet).
Ok it, 11pm and that’s me done  in so night all.

Just typical!!!! As soon  is I said night all the bloody tinternet went off, so this  will have to be a draft while it comes back ……

Thursday….trip to the smoke to collect the top hung window and the back mould for the door.

after that it was lay the floating floor the start on the oak flooring


hope to get the floor done tomorrow, but as its a cloud factory weekend then what gets done will have to do,,,,,,,,,,,