back in

think i’m back up and running…but not sure if i can use my mobile to post. (try to use that tonight, you may see a little bit of the cloud works)

sorry to those who commented or those who follow, but i was totally unable to access anything, see comments or see other blogs or reply. even the support page and forums didn’t display.

got a lot of bits to tell folks but once you stop or take a break from this you tend to forget what you did and in what order. i stopped taking photos as much aswell so the record of  the daily goings on is a bit sketchy.

give me a couple of days to get my sh1t together then i will do a decent post again, but tonight is a night at the cloud factory. It’s going to be a busy one tonight after the extra public holiday,  won’t be suprised if the wagons are still rolling in long after 2am.

may post a short one a little later…if i get time….