You’ve been neglected …

It’s been neglected.. Well when I say it’s been neglected I mean the blog and ultimately my reader. I know  I’m  sorry but what with shifts  and ultimately this  poor weather  of late the republic has sadly been lacking in stuff. There has been no mooching about doing moles or squirrels and no interesting meanderings with the dogs. But take hart, we have hit a milestone  today. The external work has come to it’s conclusion.
I last posted about doing the gable ends and that I would be glazing and roofing. Well here’s the glazing bit..

And here’s the bit where I say,, doesn’t that look good


The whole thing was slated yesterday, the velux windows slowed the job somewhat, the refurbished is all the better for fitting them and I’m glad we made the decision.
Todays scorcher has come to an end with the whole thing pointed, lead flashings installed, water tables fitted and the door frame screwed in place.
That’s it for two days though, because tomorrow the big steam engine needs my attendance.
So when I get back, the floor, the electrics and plastering are on my list. As you can see it’s a bit sparse just yet.

Wish it was finished…..TTFN