Things ive missed

Well i’ve been that tied up in the refurb work, there’s some snippits that just haven’t been mentioned. Like the big race meeting was cancelled due to a water logged track. All that effort put into finding something to wear, the hours spent looking in shops and on the net, the to’ing and fro’ing, the diesel bill!!!Β  oh feck what the hell, just rearange for another day.

Also managed to use the groupon film voucher to see johny depps new film, dark shadows, not what i expected but v good. Thing is, when ever you see him in something, all you can see is captain jack sparrow!!!
What else, ah yes, the evoco 10kw wind turbines have been erected at the farm but, they won’t be running for another eight weeks or more as mr farmer has to wait for the electric board to change the transformer that supplies the property. Something to do with supplying energy back to the grid.

Had the duke out to blow the cobwebs off, found that hard as the riding position is a tad uncomfortable, unless you do over the ton every where so the wind force keeps the strain of your wrists. Not realy a legal option!!!

Took some time to go to a local squirrel conservation group meeting, lots of interest in protecting the reds and lots of action on the ground across the whole of northern england. I was impressed by the turnout. But i’m not impressed by the current time so, Night night…