Actual progress

After the spell of sh1t weather it’s been nice to get on with a bit of refurb work. All the stonework is up to lintle height, the interior ones are up and the roof is taking shape with the wall plates fitted and the rafters cut to shape and spiked in place.


Tommorrow is the heads and more work on the roof, the felt, sorry the breathable membrane and laths, maybe a little more stonework on the gable ends.


This will help with the water tightness as there is rainwater seeping in while its all exposed.

Mind you i haven’t been idle during this forced spell of refurb inactivity, oh no. Took the timeย  out to re aquaint myslelf with some long unpracticed joinery skills by making some squirrel feeders and setting them out. Within two days the hazel nuts start to disapear and on inspection the camera trap has forty photos on the card. With this on the card its was time to check and as if by magic “hey presto” a red, but not a very good image due to the lighting and camera distance from its intended subject.
On repositioning the camera and adding a few more hazelnuts to the ledge on the front of the feeder it was left to its own devices. Next day, nuts gone, same the next and the day after that. I couldn’t bear it any longer and had to check, with over one hundred and fifty photos to sift through i picked this to put on flikr and here


We have a breeding pair. What a result, some feverish activity over the next day and we have five feeding stations made with three installed, a source localy for feed with twenty five kilos on hand in a sealed drum, so the mice don’t get it.
There is a contractor in place to help stem the tide of greys encroaching on this conservation stronghold and a nation of volunteers eager to help. Things are looking a little brighter for our reds.. YEY..
Anyway its seven am and time to do a bit more on the refurb