Forced night off

Last night was first of my two nights on shift. All went “swimmingly” and the journey home was wet but un eventfull, the ford was over but passable with only  three to four inches of water passing over the top. Today when i awoke from my deep slumber and looked down to the burn, i could see a raging torrent. Now depending on your point of view this is either, a disaster, or a god send. Me i say, oh well no point in worrying over something you can’t change. Click here to see what it looked like from an earlier post this year.
A quick call to work and thats it, no nightshift tonight. As i scrawl this on my samsung galaxy phone, i can say, it is still raining and the water is getting higher. An old johny cash song springs to mind with the lyrics ” how highs the water momma! Three feet high and rising”. Anyway…
Did have a thought to help the lads at work by using my remote desktop access and do the production planning from home, but for some reason i can log in but can’t get to my desktop. Oh well, they will have to do without me for tonight.
Thats it, short and sweet, apart from uploading some camera trap images to the peoples republic facebook page, take a look,
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Thats all from a rather washed away republic for today…TTFN