progress,,,,,not much!

you now what, i thought i was going great guns with the refurb of our porch, but as i had to go back to work last weekend, everything has ground to a halt. nowt doing yesterday or today because of the weather and tomorrow well, back on nights so it’s not looking good for this weeks work. still,  managed to totally decommission the squirrel police’s immigration booths and finally retrieved them today.

that after getting an illegal for not having the correct passport and deporting him from the area

out varmint!!! it’s not all bad news though, this conservation area has got a lot of folk willing to spend time to control the advance of these loveable but deadly (to the reds) invaders. and to cap it all we have had the first native red to visit the feeder close to home in over a year. caught on camera just yesterday.

here’s hoping the come back is strong. this we fella was tucking into the hazel nuts with great gusto

mind you he’s not the only thing to be snapped by the camera trap, here’s a young fox, cheeky blighter!!

and we did catch 8 rather bemused hikers going in the wrong direction with their map upside down!!! eejits. deleted that one though..

today was the day that mr farmer was having one of the  evoco 10kw turbines installed, so i popped my head in to see the lads from yorkshire who were installing it.

got there just after lunch to find they had already fitted the base plate and bolted the tower together.

and had opened up the crate to work on the turbine head.

all this feeds back to the purpose-built switch room that then splits between the grid and the property, the electric board still need to upgrade the transformer on the pole.

here’s a link to the evoco web site that has a little installation vid.  just copy and paste into your browser coz i aint sussed how to insert a proper link yet..

homeward bound, the camera trap was to move as the pictures are a bit dark and a bit to far away.

it’s now closer to the feeder and with the light behind it so fingers crossed.

better half has just arrived back in and the first words she uttered to me was, it’s up and it sticks out like a sore thumb, why do they make them white! she’s correct, why do they make them white?

anyway that’s it for the mo, so TTFN..